Longobard artifacts
(from an exhibition in Brescia, Italy: www.ilongobardi.it/longobardi)


folles.jpg (13944 byte)

obverse of coin issued by Aistulf, 749-56

fibule.jpg (14848 byte)

bow brooches, from Nocera Umbra

spada.jpg (10972 byte)

gold sword hilt from Nocera Umbra

croce.jpg (13694 byte)

gold cross, from Nocera Umbra

epitaf.jpg (15901 byte)

funeral inscription, from Pavia, 8th c.

desiderio.jpg (34063 byte)

So-called "Cross of Desiderius" (757-774), featuring an image of Christ enthroned in the center, and a 3rd-century Roman cameo of a woman with two daughters on the bottom arm.