Review Questions.  We will have a quiz next Monday.  You will have three questions from list below and be asked to answer one of your choice.  OPEN BOOK.  You will also be given three identification terms and asked to identify one.  CLOSED BOOK.    Most of the questions can be answered from Perilous Times, but the question about Walter Burns also requires you to use his article in the textbook.


1. What, in your own words, did the Espionage Act penalize?  In what ways could it be applied to speech?  What happened that led Congress to conclude it was not an adequate safeguard of the war effort?  What did the Sedition Act (amendment) add to the Espionage Act?


2.  Who were the principal people or groups who share the responsibility, blame, or credit for the way the Espionage and Sedition Acts were used to stop dissent and deport aliens during the World War II era? 


3. Walter Berns is highly critical of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.'s rationale in Schenck and Abrams for restricting or permitting speech?  What is his critique of Holmes' position?   Do you agree with it and why (not)?


4. Who was Mollie Steimer?  What did she do that might have made her a threat to the United States and led first to her conviction then to her deportation?  Do you believe, taking into consideration what you believe the test for free speech ought to be, that she should have been convicted?


5. Who was Eugene Debs?  Should he have been jailed for what he did?   Defend your response in terms of the bad tendency test and the clear and present danger test.  




Woodrow Wilson                                Louis Brandeis

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.  Near

Whitney                                 Gitlow

Schenck                                 Abrams