JAMESTOWN 1607-2007
An Interdisciplinary Course

This Spring Art History, English, History, Anthropology and American Studies will offer an interdisciplinary course exploring the founding of the first permanent English colony in the New World, JAMESTOWN, on the occasion of the 400th Anniversary of its settlement.  The course will look broadly at early efforts of Europeans, especially the English and Spanish, to colonize the New World, and more specifically at the frustrations, failures, accomplishments, and historical memories associated with the settlement on the James River in 1607 in what became Virginia and among the Powhatan Indian peoples.  The course is unique in trying to understand this experience from a variety of perspectives that will give participants a chance to view the past as art historians, archaeologists, and students of literature as well as historians.  We will have an optional but strongly recommended trip to Jamestown (over the first weekend of spring break) for students as well.  


John White's Drawing

Everyone will meet for a common lecture on Tuesday evenings (7th Period CAC schedule).  The various sections of the course will meet in different locations on either Thursday or Friday, and at several times.  Each section will be an "interest group," with primary emphasis on a specific disciplinary focus, but each section will cover as well material that is common to the course.  You do not have to be a major to take  a section, but if you want credit toward your major, you must take the section associated with your major.  Sections:
070: 380              Anthropology Section            T7Th7          Carmel Schrire 
082: 442              Art History Section               T7Th7          Lisandra Estevez
350: 390              English Section                      T7Th3          Emily Bartels
506  329: 01        History Section                      T7Th7          Paul Clemens
512: 329 :02        History Section                      T7F3            Camilla Townsend

Common (Core) Readings (available at the Rutgers Bookstore under Section Number above or students may purchase online):

William Kelso, Jamestown, The Buried Truth.   University of Virginia Press.  ISBN: 0813925630  Hardcover.  Students can order this themselves from Amazon.com for about $20.00

Camilla Townsend, Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma.  Hill & Wang.  ISBN: 0809077388  Paper..
Students can order this themselves from Amazon.com for about $12.00.
William Shakespeare, The Tempest.  The Signet Classic Shakespeare.  ISBN: 0451527127   Paper
 Students can order this themselves from Amazon.com for about $5.00.

In late October, we will a list of lectures, additional readings for the individual sections, and descriptions of the sections  posted.  Students who wish to learn more about Jamestown might follow these links:

Virtual Jamestown (Crandall Shifflett © 1999, 2000) -  http://www.virtualjamestown.org/

Historic Jamestown  (APVA/Preservation Virginia)  http://www.historicjamestowne.org/

Werowocomoco Research Project   http://powhatan.wm.edu/