The My Lai Massacre Trials

I. Background: Vietnam before American Involvement

a. the origins of Vietnam: Chinese expansion

b. unification in the early 19th century

c. French Imperialism

d. Japanese occupation

e. Ho Chi Minh and Dienbienphu (1954)

f. the Geneva accords (1954)

II. The Politics of American Involvement
a. Eisenhower: the domino theory and Diem

b. Kennedy: American advisors, the murder of Diem

c. Johnson: combat troops & Rolling Thunder

III. Fighting the Vietnam War
a. The War c. 1968

b. the enemy: North Vietnamese Army and the National Liberation Front

c. technological warfare: helicopters, "free-fire zones" and kill ratios

d. who is the enemy?

e. Tet Offensive (1968)

IV. My Lai
a. Charlie Company - cross-section of American society

b. William Calley

c. Ernest Medina

d. Task Force Baker v. 48th Local Forces Battalion in Quang Ngai Province

e. My Lai: settling accounts

f. what happened

V. Cover-up
a. Who Should of Known

b. Who Knew?

c. The Army Investigates: William R. Peers

d. Who was tried for what

e. the trial & punishment of William Calley