I.          Alleged Crime (March 25, 1931)

A.     The Accused: Olin Montgomery, Clarence Norris, Haywood Patterson, Ozzie Powell, Willie Roberson, Charles Weems, Eugene Williams, Andy Wright, Roy Wright

B.     The Accusers: Victoria Price and Ruby Bates


II.         The Context

A.     Great Depression

B.     White Supremacy

1.      Lynching and Rape

C.     The NAACP and the Black Freedom Struggle

D.     The Communist Party and the International Labor Defense


III.       First Trial (Judge Hawkins)

A.                 The “Non Dream Team”: Milo Moody and Stephen Roddy


IV.       The Battle Over the Defense: NAACP vs, the Communists


V         Powell  v. Alabama (1932) and New Trial


VI.       Trial #2 (Judge Horton), 1933


A.     Samuel Leibowitz vs. Thomas Knight, Jr.

B.     Victoria Price vs. Ruby Bates

C.     Judge Horton’s Reversal


VII.      Trial #3 (Judge Callahan), 1933

A.                 Testimony of Orville Gilley

B.                 Absence of Ruby Bates


VIII.     Norris v. Alabama (1935)


IX.       Trial #4 (Judge Callahan), 1936


A.     Mixed Verdicts

B.     Attempts at Compromise

C.     Scottsboro Defense Committee and the Popular Front


X.        Slow Justice (1938-1950)