Professor Paul G. E. Clemens Office: Van Dyck 217B                                                                                            

SUMMER 2004,

Monday-Thursday (Tuesday, June 1, 2004- Thursday, July 8, 2004) - no class Monday, July 5th

This class is designed to provide you with a broad overview of American history from its Indian, African, and European origins to the fighting of the Civil War. There will be daily lectures, but every class will involve discussion, and student participation is expected and required.

Each student is required to:

(1) Complete the daily reading assignments according to the schedule below. There will be several  QUIZZES  based on vocabulary or concepts from the text, A People and a Nation (P&N). (10%)

(2) Write one paper (3-5 pages) on Wayne's Death of an Overseer and several essays (1-2 pages) on assignments in 1741 and Going to the Source (30%).  Note: Plagiarism is a violation of academic integrity and all cases will be reported immediately to the dean of a student's college.  Please see the deparatment definition at:

(3) Take a mid-term and a final (50%).

(4) Participate in discussion and complete several short assignments on daily readings (10%).

(5) Attend class. Attendance is taken and more than two unexcused absences will lower your grade one letter grade. Four unexcused absences will result in failure. Arriving more than 5 minutes late counts as half an absence. Leaving early without discussing with the instructor is an absence.  Students with no unexcused absenses will receive three bonus points on the final exam.  Excused absenses require written references and include medical emergencies, a death in the family, and court appearances.  Students missing class for a religious holiday must notify the instructor.

The reading and paper assignments are drawn from the following four books, all of which should be purchased at the University Bookstore:

Mary Beth Norton, et al., A People and a Nation, Vol. I: Brief 6th Edition (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2003). (ISBN: 0618214690). Listed as P&N.  

Victoria Brown and Timothy Shannon, Going to the Source: The Bedford Reader in American History, Volume I  (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2004).  ISBN: 0-312-40204-X.  Noted below as GTS.

Serena Zabin, The New York Conspiracy Trials of 1741: Daniel Horsmanden's Journal of the Proceedings (Bedforf/St, Martin's, 2004)  ISBN: 0-312-40216-3.  B& price $10.50.

Michael Wayne, Death of an Overseer: Reopening a Murder Investigation from the Plantation South (Oxford, 2001).  ISBN: 0-19-514004-4.  B& price: $18.95.

There is a $2.00 photocopying fee due at the time of the mid-term examination.

  This course follows the Department of History's Statement of the mutual responsibilities of professors and students; please see:


Date                  Class Topic and Reading

June 1 (Tu)         Columbus: Discovery and Invasion of the "New World"
                            Assignment: "French Engraving, 1575"

June 2 (W)        Who Settled America: European and African Origins
                            P&N, Ch. 1
                            GTS, Ch. 2                         

June 3 (Th)        The English Arrive
                            P&N, Ch. 2
                            GTS, Ch. 3

June 7 (M)          The Indians' New World
                           Discussion: GTS, Ch. 3 & 4 (essay due)
                           GTS, Ch. 4  
                           NY Conspiracy, pp. 1-40                                          

June 8 (Tu)        Southern Colonies
                           P&N, Ch. 3
                           NY Conspiracy, pp. 41-92                           

June 9 (W)        Puritan New England
                           NY Conspiracy, pp. 92-159                           

June 10 (Tu)      America in 1750
                            P&N,  Ch. 4
                            NY Conspiracy, pp. 161-176.

June 14 (M)       Coming of the American Revolution
                            P&N, Ch. 5
                            GTS, Ch. 5

June 15 (Tu)      American Revolution
                            P&N, Ch. 6
                            GTS,  Ch. 6

June 16 (W)      Experiments at Nation Building: State and federal Constitutions
                            P&N, Ch. 7
                            GTS, Ch. 7

June 17 (Th)      Mid-Term Exam

June 21 (M)     Experiments at Nation Building: State and Federal Constitutions
                            P&N, Ch. 7
                            GTS, Ch. 7

June 22 (Tu)      Creating a New Nation: Jefferson and Hamilton
                            P&N, Ch. 8
                            GTS,  Ch. 8

June 23 (W)     Defining an Empire of Liberty
                            P&N, Ch. 9
                            Death Overseer, pp. 3-59
                            Identification Quiz: Lectures Coming of the Revolution   to   Creating a New Nation                           

June 24 (Th)     Northern Society
                            P&N, Ch, 10, 12
                            Death Overseer, pp. 61-117
                             Internet Assignment Due

June 28 (M)     The World the Slaves Made
                            P&N, Ch. 11
                            Death Overseer, pp. 113-178
                            GTS,  Ch. 10

June 29 (Tu)    Jacksonian Politics and the 2nd Party System
                            P&N, Ch. 13
                            Death Overseer, pp. 179-194                           

June 30 (W)    Revivals and Reform   
                           Identification Quiz: lectures: Empire of Liberty   to   Jacksonian Politics                                                                  

July  1  (Th)    Slavery in the Territories
                            GTS, Ch. 12
                             PAPER DUE on 1741 and Death of an Overseer

July 6  (Tu)     Lincoln-Douglas Debate/Coming of the Civil War                         

July 7 (W)       The Civil War
                          P&N, Ch. 14

July 8 (Th)      Final Examination

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